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A fire metaphor
When the flame within me dims,
when the darkness comes,
I try to hide
I take into myself
a concealing mist
a distorting haze
I drink it down
breathe it in
to distract me from the dark
and it from me
But although this grants me
(not solace, the dark won't allow it)
relief in some small measure
the flame is not kindled
nor the darkness dispelled
I fear the dark
fear its power over me
fear the future in which it destroys me
I cannot find a source of fuel
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A looking-glass
Rather than a mirror,
a hollow distortion,
Art acts as a lens to life
It focuses
those aspects that are most real
The light of essence
shines through all the clearer.
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A Treatise on the Physicalities of Orcs
Consider the orc in the Lord of the Rings continuum. A singularly repulsive being, it is rightly regarded as cannon fodder by those forces which employ them in combat. What, though, precisely makes this savage, bestial creature so unsuited for combat with men or elves, against whom a superior force of orcs will likely not win?
The exposition from the various Middle-Earth sources tells us that orcs were derived from elves, a group of whom were tortured, corrupted, and mutated by the evil power Morgoth. It is in this origin that we find the cause of orcs' lack of fortitude in battle.
Elves, as all inhabitants of Middle-Earth know, are much lighter than other sentient beings, able to walk on snow without falling through or on leaf-litter in a forest without leaving tracks. This remarkable lack of weight can only result from a dramatically lessened density from that of men or hobbits. Elves remain proficient in combat because of their great skill and speed, which, for the most part, allows
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Fuckin' Politics, Man
People my age seem to have a sort of obsession with Ron Paul. I have nothing against the gentleman personally, but the way people I know continue to harp on about him is really rather annoying, so I feel I must put text to box and scribe my opinion on the subject.
He's not the saviour you think he is.
True, his libertarianism is certainly different, and I'm behind a couple of his policies of which I have heard, but I do not think he's going to fly in on a magical libertarian horse and solve all of our problems. Do you know why?
It's because our system is bogged down with so much red tape, bureaucracy, and obstructive politicians that its problems cannot be fixed within its own rules. Many of the problems have taken root within the structure, which means that solutions cannot be sought without destroying a large part of the structure. Is this going to be easy or pleasant? Of course not, but nothing will get done until someone tries.
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gaze through
I stare into the reflection of my eyes
the reflection of my eyes within the bright steel
the bright steel, shiny sharp steel
I bring the edge near to my neck.
My second thought is of those who would miss me
My first of the tremendous sticky mess it would create
My third of the prioritization between the second and first.
A silly poem this inspires.
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Liquid Distortion
As I gaze upon my reflection in the mirror,
I notice the pooling of fluid below my iris.
Brought there it is by recent minor pain
and depart it shall soon enough
but for the duration of its stay
it fascinates me.
The base of the lens swims in this liquid
pure, clear, and shiny.
Such beauty! A transitive beauty,
so simple
yet with a subtle and complex appeal.
:iconallhailedmundb:allhailedmundb 1 0
stellar eyes
thy bones rose from earth
of stone they are
given purpose by this rock
they give you form
water thy blood formed
made to carry you to yourself
to animate you,
to give you motion
thy lungs wrought from air
air shaped them
created its own vessel
so that inside you it may dwell
for a brief moment
thy body is of the planet
but stars formed thine eyes
those orbs which evolved
so that you could see
the light of the stars
no matter how firmly the earth anchors you
what floods batter you down
how the air clutches at you
the stars are yours and you theirs
gaze skyward
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How I hate that word.
I do not hate it as a word in itself, as I do with the word "clot," but rather because of its use by those trying to prove a point through emotional hooks. They use phrases such as "innocent child," "innocent animals," and "innocent fetus" to assign depth and feeling to their arguments.
What the fuck does "innocent" actually mean? You assign it to all these beings, yet it is never once explained what you mean by that. Innocence is defined by lack of guilt, in regard to any sort of "crime, sin, or wrongdoing." Obviously animals and fetuses have no guilt; they don't even know the concepts of crime or sin. If you mean something besides lack of guilt, I am agog to hear your explanation.
Either tell me precisely what you mean, taking time to defend your argument with evidence other than emotional hooks, or stop using the word. You are rendering it devoid of meaning.
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Black Clothes
Today I am wearing black
Shoes socks, skivvies watch
Jacket shirt all.
I also wear the very best disguise for wearing black
Blue denim trousers
The world wears jeans
(Or at leasy the continent)
Granted, had I black casual trousers
I would certainly wear them
but with jeans on I classify my raiment as black
while it does not appear so.
I am lent the power that wearing black grants
with yet more power through my disguise
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Many things contain a small amount of truth. Even if they are demonstrably not true, they still are partially true, either because the potential for them to be true existed, or because someone believes them to be true, which means that in the private universe of that person's mind, it is true.
We all know that things which exist behave in a certain way according to the laws of physics. This does not mean that it is untrue that they also behave in another way, because at the creation of the universe through the Big Bang, the laws of physics might have been created in a totally different fashion. This means that when I say that a fictional person stepped onto his front porch and began to fly around, this is in fact a true statement, because he might have.
Now that we've covered the truth of potential truths, let us cover the truth of believed truths. People everywhere believe the most outrageous lies, from "The system works" to "Organized religion is the meaning of life." By dint of bein
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Power: Chapter One
A savage twist freed the knife from the man's neck in a spray of blood. The BLU Spy seized a handful of the man's coat and used it to wipe the crimson fluid from his blade, studying the frozen look of intense pain on the man's face. Twirling the butterfly knife closed, he secreted it somewhere about his person, and with one fluid motion, tore open the man's coat and stepped back.
The television screen strapped to the man's chest flickered into life, displaying the form of the Administrator. She looked as she always did upon the death of an emissary: peevish. "I may have expressed in the past that killing these men is useful to nobody. You're not being paid for it and I lose another miniature television," she snapped.
"Is fun," said the Heavy, snapping the man's forearm in half and tossing both pieces over his shoulder. "It gives us opportunity to hone skills."
"Already impressive skills, I might add," said the Spy, lighting a cigarette and beginning to smoke it as though he had somethi
:iconallhailedmundb:allhailedmundb 1 1
Power: Prologue
The Administrator's fingernails clicked ominously as she drummed her fingers on the console, flicking through security cameras every few seconds. Taking the cigarette from her mouth and stabbing it out viciously on the stainless steel of the console, she plugged a lead into a socket and picked up her handset.
"Miss Pauling!" the Administrator snapped. "Can you enlighten me as to the whereabouts of the RED team?"
"I'm afraid not, Administrator," Miss Pauling's voice reported over a wave of static. "However, have you taken a look in the RED barracks since their disappearance?"
The Administrator's eyebrow arched. "They're not there, Miss Pauling."
"Yes, Administrator, but someone else is. I'm not sure where they came from."
A spindly finger pressed a button. On the center screen an image appeared of six people in a room. The Administrator's eyes narrowed, absorbing the details of each of the faces. Pressing another button, she reviewed the text that filled another screen. Her lips curling
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You don't photograph well.
(I assure you, that is not a personal statement, it is the jumping off point for another of my pretentious, long-winded, overstated philosophical essays.)
Nobody does, in fact. I am never completely satisfied with pictures of myself. When a photo is taken of you, you get an image of something that looks remarkably like you, but in its essence it is not you. Several cultures have believed that a photograph steals part of your soul; they are incorrect, because a photograph does not contain your soul, it does not contain what people know as you: animation.
If you've ever seen a bust of Cicero or some other historical figure, you tend to be unimpressed. "Why," you think, "he just looks like a regular person. Not even all that attractive. How could he have been so influential with a face like that?"
It is not the face, but rather the life behind it. You as a person are never completely at rest; your face reacts unconsciously even when you're not deliberately posin
:iconallhailedmundb:allhailedmundb 2 1
Norse Sense
One of the theories of the afterlife that seems to make a great deal of sense is that it is the hallucinations of your brain as it dies. Much like dreams, your brain would tell your consciousness all sorts of outrageous lies, and like dreams, they would seem to last far longer than they would in real time. Hence, you would exist forever in the hallucinations of your brain.
If, for sake of example, we accept that the above theory is true, it brings up some interesting consequences.
Picture, if you will, dying of illness in a bed. As your dreams take cues from what happened to you that day, so would your brain take cues from your surroundings as you die, sending you into a world based around that of your surroundings. If you died of illness in a bed, your hallucinations would naturally continue in that vein, for all of your consciousness's eternity.
Conversely, if you died in a battle, your brain would be intoxicated with a cocktail of adrenaline, endorphins, and the exhilaration of comb
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Figmangairie Gallowglass
United States
I haven't written anything in a while because every time I start, what seemed a plausible idea suddenly seems rubbish.


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